Résidence Richelieu

The Résidence Richelieu is a building of 49 lodgings for Francophone elders, as well as common rooms, located on Tanguay Street in Welland.

• In 1971, Club Richelieu, aware of its social role, established a committee on the housing needs of Francophone seniors. The committee is chaired by R/Bernard Rodrique;

• In 1974, two studies clearly highlight the need for a residence and a home;

• On March 5, 1974, the Committee receives the incorporation under the official name of “Residence Richelieu Welland Inc.”;

• On October 22, 1975, the corporation retained the services of the architectural firm Gerenscer & Russell to prepare preliminary plans for the residency;

• In February 1976, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation committed to funding
the project at 90%;

• On August 7, 1977, the Committee granted the construction contract to the Welland Eterno Enterprises INC.;

• On October 17, 1978, it is the official opening of the residence.