Foyer Richelieu

The mission of the Foyer Richelieu is to provide personalized services tailored to the needs of the admitted residents in a francophone and Christian environment. The home is a non-profit long-term care facility located in Welland on the Niagara Peninsula, which specializes in improving the quality of life of people with chronic diseases since 1989.

The Foyer staff provide the physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and recreational needs of each resident on a daily basis.

Foyer Richelieu Fund

In recent years, the Club Richelieu Welland has made several fundraisers. The sums raised have allowed us to rise to the range of the leaders in the field of long-term care. On a regular basis, we do some renovations and purchases of therapeutic equipment through this foundation, the Fonds Foyer Richelieu Welland. This allows the home to provide our residents with the health care best suited to their specific needs. To this end, we invite the community to participate in our annual golf tournament which takes place in September each year.