Auberge Richelieu

The Auberge Richelieu is a set of buildings located on a 2-hectare plot at 565 River Road in Welland. It includes: The Hardy House, a large meeting room, a Club house, a kitchen, bathrooms, permanent BBQ structures and an open-air theatre covered by a huge roof.

• In 1976, the late R/Roland Hardy purchased a 2-hectare farm to develop a youth recreation centre;

• At the beginning, this property included a country house, barn, pigsty, barn and shed;

• On September 30, 1979, Club Richelieu appointed a committee for the possible acquisition of the Hardy Farm;

• On March 26, 1980, the club approved the procedures for leasing with option to purchase;

• On May 18, 1981, the Club became the owner of the farm;

• The stages of construction and renovation followed each other, repairs to the house (1981), the barn is rebuilt (1983), construction of a kitchen and bathrooms (1983), the pigsty is transformed into the Club House (1984), major renovations in the barn such as the addition of a heating system, tiles, wood cladding, new bulkhead (1990-1991) and an asphalt parking (2002).